Prayer Saved A Life?

B MissyWhen a person crosses the Christian’s mind unexpectedly, that can be taken as The Spirit’s prompting to pray. When a person dominates the Christian’s mind it is called a burden from the Lord and is a stronger call by The Spirit to pray. This happened in our family last weekend.

Our youngest son and his wife went camping last weekend. At one point my wife came into the den and said, “We need to pray for Britton and Missy.” I never turn down a chance to pray, but I just wasn’t so led at the time. However, my wife was… powerfully. So we prayed for their safety and protection. Two days later Britton called me and told me what happened on their trip…

He said they were rafting down a local river when Missy slipped off their floatation device and couldn’t surface. Britton reached under the water… blindly grabbed her… and pulled her up so she could breathe. After coughing and sputtering a few minutes, she told Britton if he hadn’t done that she knew she would have drowned. She was convinced he had saved her life.

Coincidence? Not at all. Answered prayer? I’m convinced it was. I’m thankful Pam responded to the Spirit’s prompting to pray.

When you are prompted to pray by the Spirit, don’t neglect the opportunity to do so.


4 comments on “Prayer Saved A Life?

  1. Desiray says:

    I too am thankful that Pam did sense the Spirit that she said yes to prayer and you both prayed.

  2. Scott says:

    Wow! He just related the story to me.

  3. Betty Shotts says:

    Prayer does miracles and puts things in our lives at times we don’t know why we need to heed them. Thank God your son and daughter-in-law are safe. On another note, Glenn Hicks who attended your church in Roebuck, his wife is very ill and would appreciate you praying for Joann to get well. Thank you and God bless. Also, what a gorgeous couple.

  4. Joanna says:

    Praise God! Way to go Pam!!!

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