“I’m Always Right!”

W and LMust you always win… be right… or come out on top? Where in the gospel are we taught to win?  Doesn’t 1 Corinthians 6:7 confront us with the unanswerable “Why not rather suffer wrong?”  This is the mind of Christ, clearly displayed at the cross.

For Christians…

Winning means turning the other cheek,

Winning means forgiving others unconditionally,

Winning means seeing others as more important than yourself,

Winning means showing mercy to the undeserving,

Winning means giving without expecting anything in return,

Winning means taking a hit so others don’t have to,

Winning means being humble in the face of pride and arrogance,

Winning means loving and praying for your enemies,

Winning is being more like Jesus.

Oh God, help us win in Your sight!


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