Why Are You Mad?

angerThere are times is just as wrong NOT to be mad when you should as BEING mad when you shouldn’t! Let me explain…

Anger is a protective response when something or someone we love is threatened or harmed. Odd as this will sound, anger is motivated by love. The question is… What is it we love that brought about the protective response of anger? Here are two possibilities…

Ego. Being right, respected, powerful, influential, and honored is so important to some they slay anyone perceived as a threat (John 11:48). Winning is supreme, regardless the cost. It doesn’t matter if its a one on one discussion or national election, all that matters is winning. Anger in these people is an expression of loving and protecting self above all things. In their eyes, they are always right.

Ego is so deceptive that these people believe (Have convinced themselves) their anger is righteous, proper, and good. Their problem is so deep they work hard to convince others their anger has nothing to do with them, but only and always for others. These people are so blind that if they were reading this they would be absolutely sure they aren’t being described. People driven by ego usually couldn’t care less what happens to those opposing them. On the other hand…

The undeserving. Some get mad when something happens to a person or group that just isn’t right! Their sense of right and wrong… justice and injustice moves them to anger to protect others who are being wronged. These people don’t necessarily have a dog in the fight except that righting wrong is worth the fight (Is 1:15-16, 58:6-10). These people are concerned whether their anger is selfish or righteous. They worry about if it is just their ego growing or desiring to honor God. They work hard to honor God in their actions.

Discerning the difference. Ask: Ultimately, who benefits from a “victory?” Does the person who is angry benefit OR does another benefit. If someone else  benefits (Rather than the person who is angry), it is likely their anger is sacrificial and not selfish. People who are willing to take a hit or get a black eye (Without benefiting from helping a person being wronged) are most likely angry without sin. The supreme goal is honoring God for them as in the Isaiah passages above.

The Big Question: What do you do with your anger? Answers: 1) Take it to God {Phil 4:6-7}; 2) Lovingly confront if necessary {Ro 12:18; Gal 6:1-2}; 3) Closely examine your motives under God’s leadership; 4) Seek God’s direction through His Word; 5) Get counsel from someone more godly than yourself about what you’re feeling and thinking.


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