Sunday Sermon Critique

ListeningLet’s do a quick check about the message you heard in church yesterday:

Question 1: What was the pastor’s text?

Question 2: What was the text’s main truth?

Question 3: How were you challenged to be more like Christ from the message?

The purpose of corporate worship is to encounter God through preaching. When we attend worship our goal should be to hear a word from God for the purpose of drawing closer to Him and becoming more like Christ. The message is not to entertain us, it is to glorify God and proclaim His truth… otherwise it is a failure. If the minister proclaims God’s Truth, and you don’t get anything out of the message… there is a problem and it doesn’t lie with the speaker.

God has promised that His Word will not be unfruitful (Is 55:11). If there is a lack of fruit in our mind (“I didn’t get anything out of the sermon today”), it is our fault. So here are a few suggestions for how to listen to a message…

1. Prior to the message, ask God to reveal His truth to you through prayer.

2. Prior to the message, ask God to speak through the pastor.

3. Be in an attitude of submission to God and His Word as it is proclaimed.

4. Listen for God’s Spirit to speak to you through His Word.

5. After the message, meditate on it and discuss it with others.

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One comment on “Sunday Sermon Critique

  1. Jason Ministries says:

    The old adage that “we get out of it what we put into it” certainly applies to worship. Worship is having a relationship with God, and we must participate.

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