I’m Too Old For This

older coupleChurches want young people… with energy… new ideas… progressive thoughts… full of vim & vigor to serve.  I understand! Youth has it benefits… and so does age (“It’s not by might, nor by power {Youthfulness}, but by My Spirit says the Lord.” Zech 4:6).  God makes a point of recording those advanced in age as being chosen and used by Him to do great things.

Noah was 600 when the flood began (Gen 7:6). He was 480 when he began building the Ark  and it took about 120 years to complete it (Gen 6:3)…

Abram was 75 (Gen 12:4) when God called him to leave and go to the land he would be shown… and 99 when his son was born…

Sarah was 90 years old when she conceived (Gen 17:17)…

Moses was 80 when he led the Children of Israel out of Egypt… led them for 40 years… and was 120 when he died {Dt 31:2}.  You do the math.

Caleb was 85 (Josh 14:10-12) when he asked for land to conquer for God’s glory…

Zechariah and Elisabeth were “advanced in years” when John the Baptist was born to them (Lk 1:7)…

According to tradition, John was in his 90s when he wrote Revelation…

Two things can be more prevalent in youth than those who are older… arrogance and hubris. Those with a years under their belt (Decades worth) usually realize how dangerous youthful exuberance and passion can be.  Older people tend to be more deliberate, careful, and wise before acting. Personally, I’ll choose a person with wisdom and experience over strength and passion every time.

A few things older people usually have that young bucks don’t: Wisdom… Experience… Maturity… Fewer distractions… More focus (Hey!  They’re getting closer to heaven so they don’t have time to waste!)… Fewer worldly distractions. Older people are many time much more humble in their deportment than those who are younger.

Being older doesn’t preclude a person from being used by God.  Older Christians are just as able or capable of doing great things for the King and His Kingdom because all serve the same God.  I haven’t read anything in the Scripture about a “retirement age” for believers.  In fact, they are most likely THE best ones to take risks for the King!



One comment on “I’m Too Old For This

  1. Peggy Holder says:

    AMEN!!!! I totally agree, Br. Ron.

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