Volunteer Or Forced

Given Louie Giglio “choosing” not to pray at Obama’s little party and the number of football coaches who transition, I thought this funny when I saw it.  Lot of truth to it!



One comment on “Volunteer Or Forced

  1. Peggy Holder says:

    I am horrified that he was forced to step down for preaching and teaching the TRUTH, according to GOd’s word. Christians should be screaming at the injustice. I wish he had fought to remain on the roster. We are told to put on the whole armor of GOd and be ready to fight the wiles of the devil and they are many and definitely alive in the whitehouse. So sad. I really appreciate you and all the many truthful, encouraging, heartfelt blogs you write and share, Br. Ron. Thank you so much for your example and encouragement. I loved Choosing between bitterness and rejoicing. I have tried to copy and post this in my documents so I can keep it to read many more times but right now my computer is acting up sso I will just keep it on my e-mail for a while longer.

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