Trey’s Marriage Proposal

T and H Engagement 2012 12Well… my daughter is married.  My youngest son is getting married in February (God willing).  And now my other son is engaged!  All three events have (Or will have) happened in less than a year!  Now to the point of this post…

Trey was creative in proposing even though he and his future Father-in-law almost got arrested while setting it all up (That is a story he can tell better than I can)!  Below is the You Tube of the proposal (I don’t have video of my other chidlren’s proposals).

I must say that God has not only blessed my wife and I with three wonderful children, but He has also granted us three precious young people (And their families!) to marry our children.  God is indeed good… ALL THE TIME!


4 comments on “Trey’s Marriage Proposal

  1. Congratulations to all of your children and to you and Pam!!

  2. Robert says:

    Can you only imagine the Christmasses of the coming years Paw-Paw and Maw-Maw. Youth football and baseball, volleyball, and dance. You’ll still have alot of living ahead of you, God willing. The both of you need to apply for a “bigger hearts” right now……

  3. Joanna says:

    That is really awesome! Way to go Trey!

  4. Mark Fowler says:

    Awesome video!!! Congratulations to all. God is certainly good all the time!!

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