Christmas Reprises…

NativHere are a few posts to consider during this Christmas seasons…

What’s Most Amazing About Christmas

Who Were The Magi (Wise Men)?…

A Christmas Meditation

For The Hurting At Christmas

People Who Missed Christmas

The History of Christmas (From Focus On The Family)…

Glory to God in the highest!


2 comments on “Christmas Reprises…

  1. Faye says:

    These posts have blessed me today. I spent some time yesterday observing people as they ate out, drove their cars,
    and shopped. I saw a lot of smiles, heard laughter, and saw others being polite and thoughtful. I thought, maybe there is hope for us if we live out what we say we believe. May it be so.

    Thank you Ron for these posts. They have great meaning and may they bless all who read them. I will read them throughout the remaining days of Christmas.

  2. Brad says:

    Still one of the best sermons I have heard…”Who were the Magi”. Thank you Ron for your wisdom and leadership.

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