Who I Will Vote For

The Presidential Election is close at hand.  Everyone who walks into the voting booth will make their own choice for President… as will I.

Everyone has issues that are deal makers and breakers for them.  I am one of those people.  Simply put, here are THE two issues for me: Marriage & life.

I will NOT vote for a man to lead our country that favors same sex marriages.

I will NOT vote for a man to lead our country that favors abortion.

I WILL vote for the man who supports marriage between a man and woman.

I WILL vote for the man who opposes abortion.

That means I will vote for Mitt Romney (God willing).

To God be the glory…


6 comments on “Who I Will Vote For

  1. Keith Davis says:

    About as well put as I’ve heard brother!

  2. Mark Fowler says:

    Thank you Ron. So will I and my family. I hope that all people who believe in the same things will vote for Mitt Romney also. I’m not worried about Alabama. Romney will easily win Alabama. I worry about those many states where the race is so much tighter and the chance for fraud is so much higher. I pray that not just all Christians, but all those that value life & marriage and still view the United States as a Christian nation, exceptional among others, will make sure that they vote. Never before in my lifetime, certainly not in at least the last century, has there been a clearer choice. Thank you again Ron.

    • Betty Shotts says:

      I plan to vote for Romney as well. The citizens of this nation have got to see who is doing us wrong. Regardless of Democrat or Republican that is not the issue. God is the issue. There is a reason for the storms, etc. taking place now and it is in the Bible that God is coming.
      God bless America and He will take care of u.

  3. I cannot understand why the race is so close, after-all if every Christian voted with Biblical values and morals then Romney would win by a landslide, obviously God’s people are not thinking about morality and what matters to God.

  4. Sarah Jumper says:

    Ron, so beautifully put. The reason the race is close because it’s sad to say but lots of Americans care less about these issues…It’s all about them and what the government can do for them…
    Christians, continue to pray and please vote.

  5. Peggy Holder says:

    AMEN!!!! Br. Ron. I don’t know how a Christian can vote any other way, yet many of them don’t seem to realize these issues matter. I am deeply concerned about the outcome of this election and the results for this country if Obama gets four more years.

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