Marriage On The Rock… Not Rocks!

Can any Christian marriage be healed?  Can any Christian relationship be healed when it is fractured?  Yes… when Christ is The Rock on which they are founded.

Here’s why I write that about CHRISTIANS…

Point #1: Christians read the same Bible…

Point #2: Pray to the same God…

Point #3: Are led by the same Holy Spirit…

Point #4: Have been forgiven, therefore they can forgive.


Why can’t Christians work out whatever problem they have whether in marriage, work, or in any other relationship?


2 comments on “Marriage On The Rock… Not Rocks!

  1. melisa roden says:

    Ron, I’m Annie shears daughter. I once asked you about mixed marriages for my daughters friends. We couldn’t find any where in our bible about it. Please write me with some help. Thank you.

    Also, I tried 24 years on my marriage. Going to almost every cousling we could do. But our marriage deminished 2 yeard ago. My pastor preached on this topic Sunday. Will I go to satan because I didn’t save my marriage? I had several breakdowns and my mom said I could be forgiven sence I am a christian. I’m so happy now like never before. But iv lost ashley and brooke because of the divorce. Its just like a death to me. I’m so proud of them. Ashleys a special education teacher and engaged to jeff bain. Brooke is going to school and working. Why do they think I’m not a good mother? I gave my life for them.


    • Pastor Ron says:

      Hello Melissa! Good to hear from you!

      As to marriage in the Bible, there is nothing regarding race when it comes to who a Christian can marry. The only command is that Christians must only marry other Christians.

      As far as your question about marriage… I can tell you that sometimes divorces happen no matter how hard people try to save them. God allows for divorce, but it is not the preferred option. Know this for certain, being divorced does NOT cause a person to lose their salvation! You are still as saved now as before your divorce. When God forgave you it was for ALL your sin… past, present, and future. Also remember Romans 8:1, “There is therfore now NO condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus!” You haven’t lost Ashley or Brooke… God willing one day all will be healed and you all will be restored. I encourage you to continue to live for God’s glory and be ready to accept them back anytime that it may be.

      I don’t know why they think what you write. Just keep honoring God and glorifying Him. Continue praying for them daily and trust God (Proverbs 3:5).


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