Oedience And Submission In Church

2 Corinthians 8:16-24

(Why this passage… today?  Because it is next as we study through 2 Cor verse by verse.)  Who are the leaders of Huffman Baptist Church?  Deacons, SS Teachers, Team members, staff.  Taught youth, or children… served on a committee or team?  Who is responsible for what happens at HBC?  Every member is.

Paul wrote 2 Corinthians to address church issues. 8:16ff is about the integrity of church leaders.  These principals also apply to all leader’s conduct in all church matters.

Because Christians in Jerusalem were suffering, Paul received financial gifts from other churches (Macedonia, 8:1-7).  He acted with good intentions… the right way… for God’s glory… yet he was still criticized & opposed.

Paul defends his actions by proving what he & others did were for godly reasons in an honorable manner.  In 8:16-23 he gives eight defenses or explanations for their conduct…

V 16… Titus has the same earnest care for the Corinthians as Paul does (Not a 1 man show),

V 18… Sending one famous for his preaching, (19) appointed BY THE CHURCHES,

V 19… For God’s glory & show their good will toward the Corinthians,

V 20… So no one would blame Paul as being improperly motivated,

V 21… Do what is honorable in God’s sight & that of men,

V 22… Sending one we have OFTEN TESTED & found earnest,

V 23-a… Titus & Paul work for the Corinthian’s BENEFIT,

V 23-b… Others involved are messengers FROM THE CHURCHES.

Paul anticipated opposition about the offering & addressed it head on to silence critics.

John MacArthur: “Biblical… leaders will not force their will on people… instead they implement programs & vision by a PLURALITY of Godly men.  Church finances are to be overseen by wise, theologically sound… (people) who agree to seek the mind of God” (Paraphrased).   I’m thankful that HBC elects teams to lead us…

Q: What does God say about how the church & it’s leaders are to interact?  How are leaders supposed to lead AND how is the church to respond to their leaders?  It is important that both follow God’s directions or else His name can be tarnished in the community.

To read the rest of this message, click HERE.


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