Angles’ Ministry To Christians (Leon Perry)

Today I have the honor of doing Leon Perry’s funeral.  There is no greater honor a minister has than to be asked to preside over a loved one’s coronation into heaven.  Let me tell you a little about Leon (And then God’s Angels).

The Leon I knew was a kind and gentle person.  A hard worker his entire life.  He had a strong sense of right and wrong.  He loved his wife and family.  He loved Jesus and served every way he could as long as his health allowed.  He was also a forgiving person (Which I personally experience with him).  He loved working in the yard with a certain penchant for Azaleas.  He told me of a couple of times he made “designer” Azaleas by cross-pollinating them for a few friends.

Leon is with Jesus today, so instead I want to encourage those who lose loved ones (Particularly Dean, Karen, and the rest of Leon’s family).  The ministry of God’s Angels for His people.  Consider what the writer of Hebrews penned about them as found in Hebrews 1:14

Are they not all ministering spirits sent out to serve for the sake of those who are to inherit salvation?

I believe every Christian has at least two of God’s Angels with them at all times.  We do know that at least two angels usher the believer into the presence of God at the moment of their death (Luke 16:22a).  We also know that little ones have Angels who watch constantly over them and report to God how they are treated (Matthew 18:10).  I believe if our eyes were opened, we would see many Angels all around us!  But back to thoughts on Hebrews 1:14.

God sends His Angels to “serve for the sake” of Christians.  What does that mean?  What might it mean?  Let me suggest how Angels may serve Christians on God’s behalf…

They protection Christians.  Most of us will never know how often they do this until we get to heaven and God reveals their ministry to us.  Until then I believe they minister by…

Protecting Christians from tragedy and calamity…

Encouraging Christians in difficult times…

Strengthening Christians during trials…

Delivering answers to prayer from God (Click here).

And then one day upon their death, to usher them into the presence of God Himself (Luke 16:22a above).

Today I believe God’s Angels are actively ministering to Leon’s family.  And I also believe they minister to you as a child of God.


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