Who Is Your “One?”

Last February I asked Huffman Baptist to pray that God would allow them to lead one person to Christ in the next year.  If God answered that prayer for just 10% of the people present that day, 40 people would have been saved.  In my world that would be called an awakening of sorts.  Since February 2011 either 1) God people shared the Gospel faithfully and God didn’t choose to fulfill John 3:14-15, John 12:32, and John 6:37-40, and Matthew 11:28-30… OR, 2) God’s people didn’t ask Him to use them to bring a soul to salvation during the last year.  God knows which it is…

I am renewing that request this coming Sunday, God willing.  I am asking the membership of Huffman Baptist to pray to God that He would grant them the joy and grace of leading at least one person to salvation in the coming year.  I know there might be some hesitations and reservations which might include…

“I don’t know anyone who is lost.” 

If that’s the case… then ask (Pray for) God to put someone in your life and reveal to you who they are.  Then share the Gospel…

“I’m not comfortable sharing the Gospel.”

Not trying to be virulent, but Jesus wasn’t comfortable on the cross to provide purchase your salvation.  Sharing the Gospel with a lost person won’t come close to what Jesus did for you to be saved!

“I don’t know what to say.”

Tell the person how God saved you which is called your personal testimony (Only takes 3 minutes or less).  You can read Paul’s testimony in Acts 26:1-29 which includes… A) Your life before salvation, B) How God saved you, C) Your life in Christ since salvation.  If you can give directions to your house (Since you live there) certainly you can tell someone how to be saved since God saved you.  If you can’t tell someone how God saves… it may be you need to examine your conversion.

“I’m afraid I’ll mess up or fail.”

Obedience IS success in sharing the Gospel.  It isn’t your call to save anyone… GOD does that!  As Jesus said in John 6:37, “All that the Father gives to me SHALL come to me…”

“I’m not called to share the Gospel like preachers, missionaries, or evangelists.”

Actually you are.  Actually, when God saves a person they can’t help but tell others.  Their joy flows out of their heart to tell others.  For a person to say they aren’t called to tell others about Jesus is inconsistent with being a genuine Christian.

More later…


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