Don’t Fear Tomorrow!

Christian… remember this for it is how God will direct your life, “We walk by faith… not by sight.”  In other words, God will only give you enough light to take the next step (Sometimes).  Consider these examples…

Abram was told to leave his family without being told what his destination was (The rest of his life).  Joseph (OT) was sold into slavery twice… falsely accused of rape… and thrown into prison and left there not knowing what would happen next (17 years).  Moses was exiled to the back side of a desert (40 years)… not knowing what would happen from year to year.  Jonah ran from God and had to have thought he’d die in a fish’s belly (3 days is a long time there!).  As a teenager Daniel was deported from his country and forced to live the rest of his life in a godless nation constantly under scrutiny and attack (He never returned home).  Naomi traveled to Moab where she became a widow and childless… not having a clue of what God was doing as it was happening (We don’t know how long that was).

But then…

Abram was given a son and is the father of faith… Joseph became vice-Pharoah… Moses led Israel from Egyptian bondage… Jonah preached a great revival… Daniel was elevated and given great power and influence… Naomi became the grandmother of King David.  God always has a plan.  It’s always being worked.  It’s always for His glory and our ultimate good (Romans 8:28)!

You are somewhere along the road… somewhere in the path of what God is going to do.  You may be in year 16 of 16 1/2… or year 5 of 10… or the day before He will break forth.  We just don’t know, you don’t know… but God does.  So “We walk by faith, not by sight.”  So don’t be afraid of anything… there is nothing God cannot do!


2 comments on “Don’t Fear Tomorrow!

  1. Rick Morgan says:

    God likes to use those long lonely paths to teach us about himself. The path can pass through a beautiful meadow and then around the next corner you are right on the edge of a jagged cliff. It is all up to him.

  2. Peggy Holder says:


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