When The Light Goes On!

To see illustrated what it looks like when a person has a spiritual blind spot taken away by God, look at this  clip from Deal Or No Deal.  Amy showed this to me and I had to blog about it.  Afterward I have a couple of thoughts of spiritual nature…

Very much similar to this video… here are a few things to think about regarding God, Salvation, and Scripture:

No matter how hard WE try, until the light comes on IN a person… as a gift from God… they won’t/can’t/aren’t able to see, know, and understand the truth about themselves being a sinner in need of salvation.

No matter how obvious it may be to us, people can see the truth… hear the truth…  and THINK they understand when in reality THEY DON’T!

When God gives a person understanding about Jesus… afterward… they wonder how they could’ve ever missed it!

When helping a person to see and understand the Gospel, be patient.  When God reveals to them their need of salvation AND that it is only through Jesus Christ, it WILL happen Until then, you can’t do anything to bring it about!

For these reasons we pray for God to take away the blinders and open a person’s heart so that they do see the truth… turn from their sin… and trust Christ for salvation.


One comment on “When The Light Goes On!

  1. Peggy Holder says:

    What an awesome way to help us understand Spiritual Blindness and also point out that all we can do is plant the seed and let God convict and work in each individual life. Wonderful blog. Thanks, Br. Ron.

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