Really, Do You Want To Be Happy??

Really… do you want to be happy?  Do you want to have a joy that the worst tragedies in life cannot touch?  If so, honestly answer these questions first:

Are you willing to believe someone outside yourself as to what happiness, joy, and peace are?

Are you willing to follow what someone else tells you about how to attain happiness, joy, and peace?

Now… How much do you desire to be happy with inner joy and peace?

Do you desire them as much as you need to breathe…

Do you desire them as much as you need to eat in order to live…

If you answered the first two questions quickly… you haven’t thought on them deeply at all.  Also, until the second two statements are how much you are motivated toward happiness, joy, and peace… you will not attain them.  Assuming that you desire happiness, joy, and peace… AND that you are willing to concede a “yes” answer to the first two questions above… here are the answers you need to believe…

Your relationship to God through Jesus Christ must be the first all consuming desire of your life (Matthew 6:33)…

Glorifying God must be the number one priority and motivation for everything you do (1 Cor 10:31)…

Only when you desire God as much as you need to breathe and eat to live will you find what you seek (Matthew 5:6)

Only when you desire godliness as much as you require water to live will you find what you seek (Col 3:3-4)…

Only when you are willing to die… literally… to know God in all His fullness through Jesus Christ will you find what you need (Luke 14:26-27).

Those thoughts aren’t mine… they are from the Lord.  They are what HE had decreed is the only way to being truely happy, joyful, and content.  The option is either follow His commands or don’t and as a result always be chasing rainbows.

Below is a video that is aimed at one kind of success… but the message applies to what is written above.  The difference is the world’s success versus REAL success…


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