Tebow- In Game Microphone

I played football.  I know what is said on the field.  I know what in game intenisty brings out in people through their words.  I’ve listened to other players who were “miked-up” during the game… and there were a LOT of bleeps.  Trust me… if just ONE time Tebow had said ANYTHING worthy of being bleeped out, it would be big news.  So try listening to Tim Tebow during a game (Against Chicago where they won in overtime).  Finally… you’ll hear what he prays on the field.

UPDATE: 12/20/11, 10:30 AM… Tebow Interview after loss to New England Sunday (CLICK HERE).  This is a well written and thoughtful article.

CLICK HERE for my previous post about Tim Tebow…


9 comments on “Tebow- In Game Microphone

  1. Bill says:

    Ron, I have a little different perspective on this video. I was offended by it. Now you know me, I’m not opposed prayer . . . I’m not opposed to public proclamation of Christ . . . and I like Tebow. But there is something about this that just doesn’t sit right with me. It is too much like the Pharisees beating their chests and calling out to God in public, and not enough go into you closet to pray and not parade it before men. It seems that the focus in put on Tebow and deflected from Christ. Even among Christians. The kids suspended from school for “Tebowing”, when asked why did you do it said, “to honor Tim Tebow, he is a hero of ours.” In the words of a friend, “Epic fail”!!!

  2. Bill says:

    One other thing . . . this also led to one of the most blasphemous things I have ever seen on TV. The Saturday Night Live skit this past week. I don’t watch SNL, but someone sent me the link yesterday . . . it was VILE!!

    • Pastor Ron says:

      First… I heard about SNL. It’s hard for me to “boycott” something as a friend of mine suggested when I already don’t watch it. Ever since the classic team from the 70s left, I haven’t watched it (“Land Shark!” Chevy Chase’s news cast, Coneheads. Oh my, I’m dating myself!)

      Second… You are certainly entitled to your opinion. Personally I think this is who Tebow is. There is nothing like physical athletic contact on the gridiron to bring out what is in a person (Been there… seen it… done it). I think Tebow is a young Christian man following Christ the best and only way he knows how… passionately. For me… at the very least… this is equal time for the likes of endzone dances and the real trash that we’ve seen in too many NFL games. My guess is that Tebow will settle and mature with age and in time become more settled with less youthful exuberance (sp?). I know I have changed tremendously from when I was 22 in so many ways when I look back at what I WAS and now what I am AND hopefully will become.

      If (!) Tebow is still in the NFL in 10 years, I’m sure we’ll see a much more mature presentation than we do today. At least (As of yet) Tebow hasn’t made a “Big Ben” mistake… and it’s not likely he will (If God so allows). Given the choice between Big Ben and Tebow, I’ll take Tebow. I think of what Paul wrote in Philippians 1:18, “Only that in every way, whether in pretense or in truth, Christ is proclaimed, and in that I rejoice.”

      Blessings my friend!

      • Bill Haynes says:

        My dear brother, you set up a false dichotomy when saying “you prefer Tebow to ‘Big Ben'”, so do I!! But I don’t think that is the issue. I was proud (in a non-sinful way of course) of Tebow in the stands he is taking. I just think he should have said, when asked if they could “mike” him, “thank you but no thank you, what I’m saying is between my Lord and me, it’s not for public display.” I think Jesus was pretty clear on this in Matthew 6:5-6 . .. and I really do think this is germane to this discussion.

        Don’t get me wrong . . . I like Tebow and believe he is sincere to the core . . . but to allow this to be broadcast is just sad to me. But, as you say, you too are entitled to your opinion.

        I do want to make it crystal clear, I do not watch SNL, but got it in a YouTube link yesterday from a pastor friend. And as for it being OK because the name of Jesus was spoken does that mean every time someone uses his name as an exclamation it is good because at least the name is being said??? I don’t think so . .. and his name as a exclamation was far less vile than the SNL skit. Just my opinion after 40+ years of walking with Christ.

      • Pastor Ron says:

        No false dichotomy, but no sense belaboring that point. As for to be or not to be miked, there are all kinds of argument that are being made and would have either way. “Why not be miked? What’s he hiding?” some would have criticized if he had refused. I think germane to this discussion is, “Let your light so shine before men that they may see (dare I say “hear?”) your good works (words?) and glorify God.”

        I don’t think either of us can say what Tebow should have done and BE right. “Judge nothing before the time” when all will be revealed is where I come down! Oh that more Christians in the NFL would just be half a witness as Tebow!

        As for you and SNL, I never thought you watched it! I know that isn’t you. And I agree with your assessment about the proper reverence for Jesus’ name.

        Oh… Roll Tide!!!

  3. A.J. says:

    We could think of it like this: just think of how many lost souls watched SNL that night and heard Jesus name. (I didn’t see it but read about it). We know the power in just saying his name. Maybe just maybe, some seeds were planted that will grow in their hearts. Genesis 50:20 as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive. Thank you for the post Ron!

    • Pastor Ron says:

      I will have to disagree that people just hearing Jesus’ name in such a vain manner could plant a seed of some kind. From what I’ve been told, the context destroyed that possibility. In fact it sounds like blasphemy.

  4. Joanna Edwards says:

    Hey Ron, We love Tebow and appreciate his testimony. I saw a brief clip of the SNL clip and it was disturbing to me. My thought was “One day Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus if Lord!!” What would have happened if SNL had brought out Mohammad to do a skit!

    Love you and hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas!!!

    Hey if you have any connections Leigh would love to meet Tebow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Joan says:

    In reference to wearing scripture on his eye patch (which he is not allowed to do in NFL) Tim states in his book — “I’m told 94 million people searched for John 3:16 on Google during and immediately following the Championship game (2008).” What a great witness — that’s a lot of uninformed people!

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