Today Chenoa Is With Jesus

No deed is too small to be used by God for His glory!  Such is the case of Linda Blaxton, Teri Womack, and Chenoah Evans…

I had the joy of being interim pastor of Moulton Baptist Church not long back.  During that time Linda called and told me she invited a friend of hers to church and wanted to make sure I met her.  She told me Chenoa was a very sick person physically and needed encouragement.  Teri took her under her wings also as God laid it upon her heart.

It was not long after Chenoa began visiting that God brought her to salvation through Jesus Christ.  From that time she was as regular and faithful as she could be.  I had the joy of being able to talk with her on a number of occasions to pray for her family and their relationship with Jesus.  Chenoa’s health problems got the best of her this past Tuesday night.  She succumbed to her illnesses and now she’s with Jesus.

Chenoa is in heaven because a friend invited her to church.  An act considered small and possibly inconsequential to some, but in the Kingdom it was huge because that was one of the small events that culminated in God being glorified by saving Chenoah!  Her last day on earth was already in God’s Book and He orchastrated events so that it would be a glorious day rather than one of sorrow without hope.

Lessons.  1) No act is too small to be used by God for His glory.  2) God puts Christians in people’s lives to evangelize them in many ways.  3) Never underestimate how God is using you in the Kingdom.  4) We all are small parts of the process of bringing God glory through the salvation of sinners.  And…

When a thought goes through your mind to invite someone to church or share the Gospel or pray with them… no matter how small or unconsequential you may think it is… act on it.  That is the Holy Spirit prompting you to participate in Kingdom endeavors… like Terri and Linda did!  I’m sure this day Chenoah is celebrating that Linda “just asked her to come to church one day” and Terri encouraged her daily.

One comment on “Today Chenoa Is With Jesus

  1. Linda says:

    Chenoia was such a good friend. She and I met just after she had been told she had Addistion diease. Friendship came natural. She was the type of person who loved everyone and there was not a day that went by that she did not tell me she loved me. I lost one of the best friends I have every had. But she is waiting on me in Heaven.

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