Son’s First Sermon (Britton)

Below is a picture of our third child, and second son (Britton), when he dilvered his first sermon recently at Huffman Baptist Church.  I can’t believe that just “a few days ago” he was a toddler… starting school… struggling through his teen years… and now standing before God’s people preaching His Word.  God is good…


2 comments on “Son’s First Sermon (Britton)

  1. Son #1 says:

    Way to go lil man! Can’t wait to have you here in Kentucky (God willing)

  2. Faye says:

    I had the honor of being present when Britton’s preached his first official sermon. When he was young and visiting me on weekends, he preached many sermons in my home on Sunday mornings. He did not want to go to church but wanted us to have church at my house (PHBC) so he could preach. What a blessing for me as his grandmother that he was brought up in a Christian home and church where the gospel was preached and lived out each day.

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