My New Reading Plan

When T.W. Hunt spoke one time he said that after graduating from college… for one year… he read nothing but the Bible.  No magazines, no news papers, no novels, and no TV of any kind.  He did this because he sensed that his mind needed to be cleared from the worlds influence he’d been subjected to for four years.  That recently got me to thinking on a little different slant…

I’ve made a decision about reading books.  At least for a while (Probably a year) I’ve decided to purchase one last book to read and then I’m going to focus on reading a particular track if God so allows.  Rather than read current books I plan to read the following…

The Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit Series (Charles Haddon Spurgeon)…

Puritan Sermons 1659-1689 in six volumes…

Pilgrim’s Progress (My goal is to read it several times in the next year)…

Biographies of great Christians (Yet to be settled on).

Then selected writings from…

Augustine, Chrysostom, Luther, E.M. Bounds on Prayer, Andrew Murray on Prayer, and selected messages from the First and Second Great Awakening.

Why tell you about this?  To encourage you to read the great Christian Classics.  The theologians and authors who have stood the test of time.  The great ones in the Christian faith that generations of believers after them have found insight, wisdom, and understanding of the Scriptures.  Probably 99% of what is published today will not be remembered 100 years from now, much less 200 or more years.

Read the classics!


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