When God Gave Me A “Sign!”

A good while back I think I blogged about this.  If I did, forgive me for revisiting it.  If I didn’t…

There was a time several years ago when there was a situation with one of my children that was dominating my mind.  I had prayed and prayed and prayed about it… seemingly to no avail.  It was as though God wasn’t only not answering me, He was ignoring my pleas.  On one particular day I was making hospital visits and was almost to the point of arguing with God.  I was thinking… if not saying out loud…

God… why won’t you answer me?  Why are you just letting this thing go on and on?  I’ve been talking with you about this for a while and it is frustrating that nothing is changing!  I’ve tried talking to them… arguing… staying quiet… dropping subtle hints… and I keep hitting brick walls!  What am I supposed to do now?!!!

At that precise moment… a car passed me on my left while I was going across a bridge… and the picture to the right was the car tag!  “KPPRAYN”  Keep praying!  The timing was NOT a cosmic coincidence!  There was no possible way that car drove by me at that SPECIFIC time EXACTLY when I had just voiced my question to God in prayer and it NOT BE GOD GIVING ME AN ANSWER!  A car tag was a little token of affirmation that we get from time to time!

Immediately I had my answer.  I KNEW God had been… was… and would continue to hear my prayer.  Not only that, I was convinced God would answer me in His time!  Talk about joy… peace… serenity… and contentment flooding my soul as God’s Spirit comforted me, it happened that very moment.

Several weeks later I walked out of a store and noticed that the car parked beside me HAD THAT TAG!  So I took a picture of it with my cell phone and waited on the driver.  A few minutes later a lady walked to the car and I told her my story.  She began to cry.  She told me the reason she got that tag was because her son was living a wanton lifestyle.  He was into drugs and was possibly about to be imprisoned.  She said the only thing she could do was pray because everything else had not “worked.”  So we prayed… went our separate ways… and I’ve never seen her again.

What is your problem today?  Whatever it is… “KPPRAYN.”  God IS listening.  He WILL answer you.  In HIS time.  So “KPPRAYN.”


9 comments on “When God Gave Me A “Sign!”

  1. Margaret says:

    I liked this.

  2. Carrie says:

    You are always right on target for me.
    Thanks, I needed that reminder today KPPRAYN.

  3. Betty Shotts says:

    Ron, I will say that prayer does miracles. Lately I have had so many people, myself included, that I have had to pray about and all of the prayers are answered in His good time.
    Have a blessed day and thank you for the reminder.
    Betty Shotts

  4. Alice Stephens says:

    Dear Ron:
    You are so special to me.. Thank you for the encouraging words…It is a battleground out there, BUT we are soldiers of the Cross.

    Love you and your family dearly…… Alice Ruth

  5. Lee says:

    I needed to hear that! I was thinking the same thing just this week but you have refreshed my spirit to keep praying and looking, listening, etc. and He will answer in His time. Love you guys and hope all is well.

  6. Mark says:

    Ron, I just had a chance to read this today. I can’t tell how great the timing is for me on this. Thank you so much. Your post itself is an answer to prayer.

  7. JM says:

    I also had similar experiences. One of which was a time I was in a car by myself and I asked GOD for a sign that a project I was working on would ‘fly’. At that very moment I saw a whole flock of birds out of nowhere. Right after the birds I saw a huge plane out of nowhere and it almost looked like it was about to land on the highway I was on. Immediately after that a song came on the radio by the Commodores called ‘Zoom’. The chorus of the song goes “Id like to fly away zoom zoom”. The station I was listening to was a hiphop station and wouldnt normally play a song like that. Thanks fir sharing your experience. GOD is GOOD. AMEN.

    • Pastor Ron says:

      Jim, thank you for your comment. I would like to suggest that you read my post on asking God for a sign (https://pastorron7.wordpress.com/2007/07/19/asking-god-for-a-sign/). I think there is a difference between what some call token affirmations from God (Unsolicited) and asking for a sign. There are some inherent dangers in ASKING (Read the post from July 19, 2007 above) versus a token affirmation I described as a sign in the post.

      I don’t mean to minimize your experience, I just suggest that we are carefully discerning. I remember one time about 15 years ago I got “A” (1!) contact from a church in Tennessee. For the next week I saw Tennessee orange everywhere I looked… orange “T”s everywhere… and Tennessee car tags. I began to wonder if those were “signs” I was to go to Tennessee? At the end of the week (And never hearing from them again) I discerned that my eyes and subjective brain were noticing things that had always been there but had overlooked. For me, signs are too subjective and prone to being manipulated by the Adversary.

      Bless you… and be discerning!

  8. Nick says:

    i happen to came across this blog as i was searching about signs. because i recently am in the down curve of my life and asked God for a sign if my lover would come back to me, amazingly all the signs i asked for came but due to my human limitations i somehow still feel down even though all that i asked for came…just today another sign came to me and somehow felt that there is still a chance for us to get back together. i know i will receive it in God’s good time. a lot of people tell me and to move on but as i read the bible it somehow told me to KPPRAYN and have faith. i don’t know for sure when but i promised God and myself that i will wait and hold on to my prayers and promises to God, myself and her. i know a lot of people think that i’m pathetic for holding on to her but somehow i haven’t lost my hope. i KPPRAYN every night and reading the bible since we broke up and God’s been good to give me the signs i asked for…so i can attest that God really does listen and answer our prayers…i pray that in God’s good time she comes back to me and so i will be waiting. may all of your prayers with good intention be answered. we may not understand the signs completely but what i always do is this; if it felt that God himself went down to earth and hugged you after you saw the sign, then consider your prayers are already answered. KPPRAYN. oh and i just realized this was posted 3 years ago. haha!

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