When Children Bring Joy…

For Pam and myself, all three of our children bring us much joy.  We are proud of them and have been blessed by God through them.  I could give you case after case… for Amy, Trey, and Britton… as to how they’ve made us proud.  But this post is primarily about Britton.  He’s our youngest at age 18 and just graduated High School.  He’s on the left of this picture taken on HBC’s summer mission 2011 two weeks ago.

Several months ago Britton asked me if for his Senior Trip he went on a mission rather than a “fun trip” like many of his other friends.  He said he wanted to go back to Costa Rica (Last summer Britton, Trey, and myself went there with CrossPoint Church).  He went on to say that he didn’t want to ask people for money to support him, but rather offer to work in whatever way people might want to earn the money for the trip.

Guess what I said?  “Well YEAH!”  (This is a picture from Google Earth of where Britton is… Mission Challenge in Costa Rica)

For this week and next, Britton is in Costa Rica at Mission Challenge.  He will be working on a farm… doing evangelism (One day they’ll go to a City named, “Little Hell” because of the poverty, drugs, & violence there)… and helping groups that come for their own mission trips to Costa Rica.  I guess you could say he is a summer intern on missions.  His prayer requests for while he’s in Costa Rica are:

Safe travels down there, while we’re there, and coming home…

Health for everyone that no one will be sick or injured…

My arm that I won’t have any issues or major pain inhibiting my work (He had surgery for a double break last summer)…

That God will prepare the hearts and minds of myself and Mason (Friend who is also in Costa Rica), the team from CrossPoint, and the people we’ll talk to so that we will be unified and humble and that the people we talk to will be receptive to The Gospel…

For good weather so we can actually do ministry and work with our hands (It is the rainy season in C.R. and it looks like God has willed it to rain every day Britton is there!  CLICK HERE).

I can’t tell you how much joy Britton brought to Pam and I with his request.  It is by God’s grace that he is seeking to follow God in ways we never could have imagined.  Our prayer now is that he will continue to follow hard after God all the days of his life and that he will honor God in word and deed.

Bless you my son!  Your mom and I love you more than you know.  Not only that, we thank God for you often!


3 comments on “When Children Bring Joy…

  1. Carmen McAnalley says:

    Ron, I have been in prayer for Britton since the day I received his letter. May he be bold about God’s work!!

    Love you all, Carmen

    • Roxie & Dave Young says:

      Britton is a fine young Christian man and you have ever right to be proud of him. Children are a blessing and will be praying for him while he is there.

      Roxie and Dave

  2. Faye says:

    I pray over Britton’s requests several times a day and at night. God does not send him anywhere that He is not with him. As a grandmother I have to remind myself of this often! We are all so proud of Britton and the choices he is making to serve God.

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