Ways Christians ARE To Be Different…

Wish I could remember who I heard this from, I’d certainly give them credit.  Anyway… this person said that throughout history the Christian Community has been radically different (Holy… set apart) in four ways:

Integrity:  Christians have been honest… true to their word… people who refused to deceive others.

Sympathy:  Christians have been at the forefront of taking care of those who were sick, infirmed, and/or injured.  It was Christians that came up with the idea of hospitals to care for the sick.  When the plague was in Europe, Christians stayed to take care of the dying and it cost them their life.

Chastity:  Christians have reserved sex only for the bonds of marriage. 

Generosity:  Christians have always been willing to give generously when there was a need regardless of who was in need.

When people see Christianss as holy (Different, set apart) in these four areas… to their own demise or hurt… then the Gospel is being spread and procalimed.


One comment on “Ways Christians ARE To Be Different…

  1. Peggy Holder says:

    AMEN!!!! And this is what people should see. Thaks again for a truthful reminder of what a Christian should be.

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