HBC And Tornado Relief

I’m blessed to be the pastor of a people who are giving and passionate about helping others… in particular those ravaged by the recent tornadoes in Alabama!  To the right is a picture I took in a community where Huffman Baptist Church members were working to cut trees.  What follows are some of the ways HBC is involved in ministering…

We’ve had multiple crews (Including Youth!) making meals, snacks, donating water, and taking it to Pratt City… Tuscaloosa… and Fultondale.

We have people working with SBC-Disaster Relief in feeding units and as Chaplains.

We had a large group go yesterday to help in several areas with basic needs of clean up.

We’ve received diapers, depends, coolers, and everything you can imagine to go to those in need in those same areas and these goods have been delivered.

We’ve had our chainsaw crews out cutting trees, putting tarps on roofs, clearing yards and working long hours for those who need to get their power back on.

Sunday morning we received the first of what I’m sure will be many love offerings to help those recover from this devastation.

There are a number of other things in the works that aren’t to the point of putting out there but are significant in nature for the long-term needs of families in our area.

Please pray that God will glorify His name through this event and use His people to comfort those who need comfort.


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