The Day After Resurrection Day

Resurrection Day (Last use of this term… “Easter”) is an anomaly in many ways.  People who are at best nominal believers make it a point to be in church that day.  A lot of time and energy is put into everything the church does that day.  And think of this one, all those who do attend somewhat regularly (2 or 3 Sundays a month) make sure to be in church on Resurrection Day… which means there is a much higher attendance percentage of those who are members of the church.

Should it be that way?  Should more energy be put into Resurrection Day than any other Sunday?  Should believers really put in extra effort to be in worship that day than any other Sunday?  Should those who never come to church make sure they come that day and not think about attending any other Sunday?

Well… in one sense the answer to all those is yes, but to a great degree the answer is no.

A Christian’s devotion, joy, excitement, and desire to worship really should be the same every Sunday!  Actually, Christians should approach every day of the week the way we approach Resurrection Day!  Why?  Because the realities of Resurrection Day are true every day… not for just one or two days a year.  Agree?

I read a few years ago that during the First Great Awakening the pastors admitted that the messages they preached during that great outpouring of God’s Spirit were no different than the ones they delivered prior to the powerful move of God.  Interesting!  The difference was God’s movement among the people… and along with that the people’s sensitivity to God and the things of God.

Maybe if WE continued our focus on salvation, God, and honoring Him every Sunday would be like yesterday.  Maybe… just maybe… if we sought God every day with great expectation we would encounter Him every day as we do on Resurrection Day.

Just one preacher’s ruminations…


2 comments on “The Day After Resurrection Day

  1. Tyler says:

    Hey Ron! Great message. Is there a way I could contact you? I have a testimony I’d like to share with you. You don’t know me but I’ve been reading your blogs for a while now and it’s nice to see someone preaching the truth. I would love to share with you what God has done in my own life and discuss todays Church in more detail with you if you are willing. If not may the Spirit keep speaking through you and I will keep reading.

    God Bless!

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