Friday… Six Hours… MY Sin

The trials are over.  The sentence has been pronounced.  The end is near.  All that is left is six hours and it will be finished.

Six hours… from 9 AM till 3 PM.  Six hours of literal hell for Jesus.  Six hours of God’s pure condemnation and wrath.  Six hours of God ignoring His Son.  In those six hours consider what happened that people didn’t see…

During those six hours a miracle took place that no one could see.  A miracle that no one knew about or could understand until later.  During those six hours…

God took the all the sin of every person who would ever believe, and punished Jesus as if He had committed them all…

God took the ETERNAL PUNISHMENT each person deserved and compressed it into just six hours… JUST SIX HOURS!  Eternal punishment… eternal wrath… for an untold number of people… compressed into just six hours.

Jesus experienced God’s eternal wrath… not for just one person, 100 people, 10,000 or 10,000,000… but for everyone who would ever believe.

Jesus accepted, endured, experienced God’s eternal wrath that I deserved…

In my thoughts, it is a miracle of God that He took the wrath He had toward all who would believe and compressed it all into six hours.  Six hours of infinite hell.  Six hours of an incomprehensible amount of eternal punishment.  All placed on one individual… Jesus.  He was/is the ONLY one who could endure that many death of deaths…

I was one of those for whom Jesus suffered for six hours.  I was one of those for whom Jesus took on God’s eternal wrath because of my sin.

Psalm 22


One comment on “Friday… Six Hours… MY Sin

  1. Karl & Martha Wasner says:

    That is why, when I pray daily, that is the first thing I thank Him for. Salvation not only for me but my family, friends and others. Then I thank Him for my health and the health of my family, friends, etc. And then our wealth. One time while praying the blessing before a meal in our home, with family here, I mentioned the wealth and thanked God for it, and after the blessing one of my nephews said he didn’t know why I did that as they did not have any wealth and he didn’t think I had any. I had to tell him wealth is not only money we have in our pockets but many, many other blessings.

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