Wakeup Call From God

I read a quote from a pastor a long time ago that went like this, Every event of life is God calling you to a closer walk with Him”  (“Finding God,” by Larry Crabb).

Consider that many times we do not discern this nor do we live our life toward that end.  So think back through your life for a few moments… to all the things that happened, both good and evil.  Think back to what you’d call the significant events in your life.  Consider that the possibility that they have ALL been God calling you to walk closer with Him…

Events in High School… Events in College… Marriage and all that goes with it… the birth of your children… your spouse and in-law relationships.  separation and possibly divorce.  Emotional struggles.  How many Sunday School lessons have you heard?  How many messages have you listened to?

Consider the things that happened TO you that were beyond your control that could include: Loss of job, getting a job, death of loved ones or friends, grandchildren, difficult and good times in your job/career, illnesses of you and/or family members, ad infinitum if indeed EVERY event is God calling us to walk closer with Him!

I believe Larry Crabb is right.  EVERY event in life is God calling us to walk closer with Him.  Sadly, most of us probably miss 90% of those personal calls to walk closer with God.  Which could be why God in His great love for us does the following (CLICK HERE)…

First He whispers in our ear.  If we don’t respond…

He taps on our shoulder.  If we don’t respond…

He speaks a little louder.  If we don’t respond…

He pushes us left, right, or back.  If we still don’t respond…

He raises His voice even more… and possibly sends a storm.  If we STILL don’t respond…

He’s not beyond putting us on our back, taking from us whatever is keeping us from walking with Him (Regardless of what it is).  You could say at this point He is shouting.

At that point… if we are set on continuing to walk contrary to His call for us… He could use a 2 x 4 upside the head.  God will do whatever it takes for His children to walk with Him.

Then He could withdraw our sense of His presence so that we feel alone (This is NOT loss of salvation), He is not beyond taking our joy from us SO THAT we return to Him.  This is exactly what God did to David (CLICK).

And if that doesn’t work, there is one more thing at His disposal that is a last resort… (ClickClickCLICK!)

Reading this blog (If you’ve gotten to this point) may be another time God calls you to “Get away… by yourself… with Jesus… at a quiet place” and listen to Him.  Maybe… just maybe… Satan has NOT been the one troubling you.  Maybe… JUST MAYBE… it has been God’s Spirit calling you to walk closer with Him than you ever have before.


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