A Son’s Perspective On His Dad’s Murder

A few years ago there was a movie about the murder of five missionaries in Ecuador.  The movie was titled, End of the Spear.”  One of the missionaries was Nate Saint.  Even before the movie I was intrigued by the story of what happened on that day south of our border.

This week I heard Nate Saint’s son Steve talk about the event and I was overwhelmed… and wept in praise of God… as I listened to him describe his perspective of that day back in 1957 when he was five years old.  If you don’t know the story… Steve ends up baptizing the man who killed his dad and they became close, strong life friends… because of what God did to heal as only He can.  This is a picture Steve as an adult…

If you’d like to hear a soundly Biblical perspective of what some call a tragedy… listen to Steve Saint describe how he understands what happened.  When you get to the website, scroll down the page till you see, “Sovereignty, Suffering, and the Work of Missions.”  Click download… save the file… then either listen to it or burn it to a CD to listen to later.  CLICK HERE

The first 20 minutes is somewhat skippable (He isn’t a preacher), but the last 30 is POWERFUL as he describes his dad’s death for God’s glory!  You won’t hear many Christians say things like this very often… but worth listening to.


2 comments on “A Son’s Perspective On His Dad’s Murder

  1. Peggy Holder says:

    I have always been blessed by Elizabeth Elliott, who’s husband was one of the missionaries killed at that time and she has described what it was like to go back. Her testimony and subsequent ministry has touched and changed many, many lives. She begins her testimonies with a simple statement, “You are loved with an everlasting love,” and her messages of love and forgiveness have proven this. I strongly recommend her writings and testimonies to anyone, especially if you have issues with forgiveness. Her description of the events of this day will touch your soul deeply.

    • pastorron7 says:

      Yes… Jim Elliott was Elizabeth’s husband. The whole story is a testimony to God’s grace and especially His providence in the events… as Steve Saint’s testimony reveals. We indeed have a great God!

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