When A Believer Takes Their Life

The occasion of this post is with deep sadness.  A young person in the church I serve had a dear friend who had a family member to take their life.  I had opportunity to talk briefly with this person and sought to encourage them through prayer and emotional support.

In my short time as a pastor I have been able to minister to a number of families in the midst of this kind of tragedy.  So for those who may desire to think through a few things in times such as mentioned here, I have made a link to two messages I delivered previously for families who’s Christian loved one took their own life.  May God’s Spirit comfort those who are grieving…

Click Here


2 comments on “When A Believer Takes Their Life

  1. Carrie says:

    You are still a great inspiration to me.

    You touch so many people in so many great ways. Thank goodness that family has you to confide in and listen too.

    Bless you my special friend.


  2. Sarah Jumper says:

    Pastor Ron, I feel that no other ministry could have assisted to the family any better than you did. They are blessed, as I am, to have a wonderful friend like you to support them… God Bless.. I need to talk with you sometime….Love, ..Sarah Jumer

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