Preview Of Judgement on ABC’s True Beauty

ABC has a show called “True Beauty.”  This season contestants are competing to be the “Face of Las Vegas.”  They are given a series of tests to identify who is best suited to win the title along with $100,000.00 and a spot in People Magazine’s 100 Most Beautiful People.

What the contestants don’t know is that they are also being judged on their “inner” beauty.  They are unknowingly presented with situations that show whether or not they are compassionate, honest, merciful, and gracious.  Each week a hidden camera records whether they passed or failed these tests.  Ultimately, those who lose are the ones who’s inner beauty doesn’t match their outer beauty.  Here is one of the tests…

Last week it was gut wrenching to watch a young girl named Amy to be asked the question… “Do you have inner beauty?”  to which she answers, “Yes!”  Then they show video of her lying… cheating… passing people by she knew needed help… and several other “inner beauty” failures.  At one point in the middle of seeing those things the camera shows her crying and asking… “Can I please leave?”  My heart broke for her in that moment.  Here is her exit interview…

In my mind I thought of the judgment when every deed, word, and thought will be exposed… for a person’s entire life.  Sadly, Amy was embarrassed when she saw her true self on video regarding just a few events… and it broke her.  But imagine what it will be like when a person’s entire life (Including their thoughts and motivations) are shown while standing before God?!  Let that sink in…

At that point, one of two things will happen.  Either the person will be silent… bow… and then worship GodOR… Jesus will step to the person’s side and say… “Father, I have paid the penalty for all those transgressions.  You punished me in their place.  I have forgiven them!”  Because of what Jesus did, the person’s name will be found in The Lamb’s Book of Life and they will be told… Well done good and faithful servant!”  And they will celebrate in their worship of God.

Which will you hear on judgment day?


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