Don’t You Wish God Would…

Don’t you wish God would…

Send personal emails to answer your questions…

Call you on your cell to answer difficult questions…

Text you about what to do next…

Speak to you audibly about that really tricky decision…

Send you a letter laying out your life for the next 20 years?

If God did those things I’m not sure that would be best for us.  After all, then we’d see Him as a spiritual Santa Clause or merely a consultant that pops in and out of our life only when we’re in a tight.  God would be reduced to nothing more than a tool we use like a hammer or a wrench.

Instead of God telling us what the wisest decisions are, he works in us to make us wise people who make the right decisions.  That is called the process of sanctification.  That is called conforming us to the image of Christ.  Being a wise person who makes right decisions glorifies Him more than getting answers to temporal issues.  God is more concerned with who we are than anything else.

Did you get that?  God is more concerned with our sanctification than any other thing in life!

Could God text us… send a letter… make a phone call… or send an email?  Yes.  And of those five things, He HAS done two of them… write us a letter and speak to us.  When we read the Bible we are reading His letter and hearing His voice!  The more time we spend reading His letter and listening to Him, the more we become like His Son Jesus… the more he makes us a wise person who makes decisions that glorify Him.

Make sense?


One comment on “Don’t You Wish God Would…

  1. Searching says:

    Another danger is when people, often well meaning, begin to use the word of God literally as a hammer to beat those who would disagree with them into submission. We need to remember that we are to be the tools…the instruments of His love and grace to a hurting and lost people. Even to some who claim His name.
    Thanks my brother!

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