Why Is Church So Boring?

I ran across an interesting article titled, “The Flabby Body of Christ” by Steven W. Simpson (Professor and Psychologist at Fuller Seminary).  He asks the question… “Why is church so boring?” If nothing else, he has some interesting thoughts.  The first paragraph includes…

CHURCH IS boring. I don’t ever recall hopping out of bed on Sunday morning jazzed about the sermon, even when the preacher was good. I’ve never driven to church in anticipation of hearing the choir or the worship band, even when they included remarkable musicians. When I went, it was to see my friends. I wanted to talk. Sunday school and Bible study were okay, but breezeway and parking lot conversations were the most invigorating.  My utmost communion with the Body of Christ didn’t even happen on the church premises.

That will sting any minister who considers these things objectively… because they are true for many… certainly for the author of the article.  Consider what else Dr. Simpson writes…

Churches often grow for the wrong reason.  If you don’t find church boring, it’s probably because of a talented preacher.  He’s smart, but moreover, entertaining.  Big, active churches are cults of personality, not communities.  Try to imagine Mars Hill in Seattle without Mark Driscoll.  Try to imagine the other one without Rob Bell (though at least he had the wisdom to abdicate his throne).  Try to imagine Lakewood Church without Joel Osteen. You can’t.  When the focus turns to Christ, it’s because a showman gets our attention first. We don’t find God in each other. The Body of Christ has an enormous head atop a weak, flabby body.

Could those last sentences be true and worth considering?  Could it be that the church members are contributing more than they realize to a boring church situation?  Possibly… I’m thinking on that one.  This much I know… what a person does during the week has a direct and powerful effect on their Sunday worship… and that includes the worship leders {Pastor too}.  (Pause)

I wonder if the Body of Christ… Christians… were to have a more dynamic, intimate, personal daily walk with Christ if what happens in worship would become more meaningful?  Imagine a whole congregation walking with God, seeking Him daily being constantly repentant of their sin… THEN coming together for corporate worship (Rather than to be entertained by the praise band and/or preacher).  Imagine if everyone in the congregation came to church for the single purpose of heart to hear from and encounter God… what would happen then?

His last paragraph includes…

I’m too narcissistic as it is, and I don’t want to be the one to tell you how it’s supposed to be.  We need to decide.  We need to figure out, once again, what it means to follow Christ together. This is a plea, not a prescription.  I want church to be fun again.  By fun, I don’t mean entertaining or topical or cool.  I can get that at concerts and movies, and they do a much better job than the church ever will.

He suggests elsewhere that a sermon is not the answer, but rather dialog with other Christians working out what the truth of Christianity is.  I disagree with him on that point.  There is no worth in doing away with preaching the Word and corporate worship.  Yes… fellowship is important as is community, but getting rid of the Biblical mandates for God’s people isn’t wise but rather unbiblical.  He speaks from his perspective and experience…

What do you think?


One comment on “Why Is Church So Boring?

  1. Laurie Lindsey says:

    It is sad to me that whoever this person is seems to have missed the whole point of church. We go to worship God…not because of what we think we might get out of it.
    We go because God deserves it and so much more. We go because of our deep and abiding love for our Heavenly Father. When we go for this reason, we do have fun, and we do get a lot out of it. I have been in many different churches from enormous to seating only 50. What I have always found to be true is that if truth from the Word of God is spoken, and my heart is in the right place I never have left without a word from the Lord, or a sense of His pressence. Thank God our God is bigger than a worship format or building! My opinion is that I am happy and blessed to meet anywhere that the Spirit of the Lord is! Thank you, I enjoy reading your publication! God bless you!

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