Prayer Not Needed!

Some things we need to pray about, many we don’t. There are some things so clear in God’s Word that we should just do them and not ask God IF we should do them because they are what it means to be a believer!  Consider these things that do NOT require prayer:

Keeping the Ten Commandments…

Giving to the poor when we have the resources to help them…

Whether or not to share the Gospel with a person who is lost…

Worshipping with God’s people in a corporate setting (Where… maybe.  Whether to do it… no)…

Loving others, including and especially our enemies

Forgiving others as God in Christ has forgiven us…

Submitting to authority (Whether the government or in the church click)…

Making disciples of those around us so that they follow Christ…

Giving of our finances sacrifically to the church (Begins with the tithe).

These things, and many more, we do NOT need to pray about as believers in Christ!

Point: It is not a difficult thing to discern what God wants us to do with our life!  He wants us to honor and glorify Him by how we live.  If He calls us to a specific task within the Christian faith… He’ll make that plain.  Till then, He’s already made clear how we’re to live out our day to day existence.  Christianity is not rocket science….


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