From God: “Ron, I know where you are!”

It was last Friday when I scheduled yesterday’s post to be published.  At that time I was on day five of a difficult week.  Spiritually, I wondered… “God… WHERE ARE YOU?!  Why are You making me wait so long?” (Note: At this point I’ve been waiting two years for God to answer a prayer.  Not as long as others… but to me it seemed like they were “dog” years {7… thus 14}).  To say I was struggling in my faith would be accurate.  And all this was after reflecting upon the Scripture I included in yesterday’s blog!

Then Saturday my wife got a call that our youngest son had broken both bones in his life left arm just above the wrist, and would require surgery.  My wife immediately made the two hour drive to be with him while I stayed home in order to preach Sunday morning.

During my drive to the hospital, I continued to question God… without hearing anything.  My emotions continued to sink as I wondered how long “how long?” would be?  Another month… year… years… or longer??  I had forgotten all the passages of encouragement about waiting on God patiently!

Eventually I got to my son’s room.  However… in very short time… God affirmed me in four substantial ways.  I wish I could tell you how, but that isn’t the reason of this post.  Here is the point… it was like God said to me… “Ron, I know where you are and I am in control.  So don’t worry.  Where is your faith?  I AM at work!”

I sat there in my son’s room praising God.  I then asked my wife (Who is by nature positive and a great encourager) to remind me of how faithful God is next time I start doubting.  Since then I’ve reflected upon the post I scheduled last Friday to be published yesterday… and thanked God for His faithfulness are recorded in His Word even when I am not strong or faithful.  I guess that proves 1 Corinthians 10:13.

Encouragement. If you are struggling… go back and read the Scriptures of yesterday’s post.  Drive them deep into your soul.  You may be waiting and feel helpless (That’s a good thing!).  We may be waiting together another two years.  But this I know… GOD IS FAITHFUL! So remember Proverbs 3:5 along with me…

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding…


2 comments on “From God: “Ron, I know where you are!”

  1. Keith Davis says:

    The waiting is the hardest part. Hey that would make a great line in a song! I hope your waiting is not too long either bro. I know in your waiting, you’ve seen so many ways of helping me through my waiting. It continues to be tough, but you are right about the scripture. Going back to the Psalms is the best advice I’ve been given. Thanks for that. God bless you today.

  2. LaDonna Cook says:

    I wish there were words that would encourage you guys as much as you encourage me in your blogs each day. So sorry to hear about Britton’s injury. We are praying for a quick recovery! Love you all!

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