Why God Uses Losers

Have you ever felt unworthy to be used by God?  You’ve failed Him… your sins are too great… you aren’t as gifted as others… you don’t come from a good family… you’ve blown it before when God did give you a chance, so now you are convinced God WON’T use you.  Notice I wrote “won’t,” not “can’t.”  There IS a difference.

In case you don’t know, that last paragraph is a short description of how I’ve felt before… and sometimes do now.  Because we’re all human, there’s a good chance you’ve felt that way too.

I was reading Dr. Ray Pritchard’s blog when I ran across a message from which I got the title for this post (He told me I could!).  If you want to read the whole message… which is tremendously encouraging… click here.

If God didn’t use failures, there wouldn’t be anyone to use! Read that again.  Yes, YOU have failed.  You’ve failed God… your spouse… your children… your friends… and just about everyone else at one time or another, to one degree or another (I have too).  So get it out of your head that failure disqualifies you from being used by God.  It simply is not true!

BUT… you say… BUT I’m not gifted like so-and-so. Neither was Moses.  But you don’t understand what I’ve done! So you’re going to limit what God can do through you?  Who are you to question God’s choosing you to service?  But I’m scared… what if I fail… AGAIN? God will be with you.  Not only that, who says that in “failure” you can’t glorify God AND that the “failure” (As you call it) isn’t God’s will anyway?  Hmmm… what we view as failure could be God’s will?  That is exactly what I’m suggesting!

Personally… I’m GLAD God uses losers and failures.  Otherwise I’m cooked… well done… burnt!  I’m GLAD God is bigger than our failures, mistakes, and sin.  So please… if you have time (And if you don’t have time), go read Dr. Pritchard’s message: Why God Uses Losers.


2 comments on “Why God Uses Losers

  1. Ron, glad you liked that sermon. Here’s something I thought about later. We’re all losers in one way or another. The only difference is some of us know and some of us don’t. Very grateful for your friendship. Blessings, Ray

  2. pastorron7 says:

    Ray, now you’re meddling! Thank you for your encouragement and Biblical insights. Bless you!

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