I Hate Death

A few weeks ago a husband and wife who were friends of my family both died on the same day.  The wife’s death was expected (Cancer), but the husband’s death was totally unexpected.  When I told my wife Pam about them she immediately responded, “I HATE death!” (Her dad died when she was 15).

Today I got a text message from a dear friend informing me that his dad passed away after a long illness.  I’m sure the grief is deep… as much as the relief also is.  That is not an insensitive statement but it is one only those who’ve been there can understand.  I know what my friend is going through because last July 10th my dad died.  I am praying for my friend, his mom, and his brothers and sisters.  Like my wife… I hate death!

When Jesus stood before Lazarus’ tomb the Scripture records that Jesus was “deeply moved.”  The actual meaning of the phrase is that Jesus “quaked with rage.”  It is a very strong word/phrase full of passion and emotion.  Knowing that, we have to ask… “Who or what was Jesus angry at?”

I couldn’t have been Lazarus… he couldn’t help that he died.  It couldn’t have been Mary or Martha… they were grieving over their loss.  It couldn’t have been the mourners… they hadn’t done anything.  So who/what was Jesus angry with?  I suggest it could be that Jesus was angry at death and the sin which brought it into the world.

I hate death because…

It isn’t natural…

It causes so much heartache…

There’s no way to escape it…

I will have to deal with it again and I don’t want to…

Jesus hated death.

There are a few redeeming factors about death.  It is the way I will get to see Jesus face to face.  Death is the way that this life will be swallowed up by more life.  Death will be the way that all the pain and hurt this world has will finally be over.  The death of my Christian friends means they are comforted by God.  Unless Jesus had died, there would be no salvation for anyone.

So I hate death in one sense… but the grief it brings into the life of a Christian is not like the rest of the world that has no hope!


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