Disciplines Of A Godly Man

Today I am at CrossPoint Church in Argo, Alabama.  Dr. Ryan Whitley is the pastor and has secured R. Kent Hughes as the speaker for a Men’s Weekend.  Dr. Hughes wrote the tremendously popular book a number of years ago, “Disciplines Of A Godly Man” which helped me early in my pastoral ministry.

There over 400 men in attendance who are listening to Dr. Hughes speak seven times.  The worship is tremendous (There is nothing like the sound of 400 men praising God together at the top of their lungs!).  To this point there have been so many blessings… not the least of which was having breakfast with Dr. Hughes Friday morning at Dr. Whitley’s invitation.

If you have never read “Disciplines of a Godly Man,” get the book and read it!  If you are a lady, get the book for your husband… then also read “Disciplines of a Godly Woman” (Written by Dr. Hughes wife).  God may very well use them to bring you to a closer walk with him!

Godliness doesn’t just happen… it takes work… discipline… purpose.  Odd thing I’ve found is that the work isn’t work… it’s joyful!  For God’s glory and your good… purpose to be Godly.


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