Ways To Love Your Pastor

Being a pastor for a few years means God has blessed me and my family many ways through many people.  Truth is, most people don’t know what it is like to be in the ministry or be part of a minister’s family.  Living in a fishbowl and having everything you say or do scrutinized and/or questioned isn’t always fun or easy.  I happen to be one of those pastors who have been blessed to have many friends in all the churches I’ve served.

However… I want to focus on something else in this post.  In this post I will write about ways God used people to encourage me and my family over the years.  There ARE sheep… there IS wheat (Click here and here).

Respect the minister and his family because of the office he holds.

Pray for the minister, don’t prey on him (Get it?).

Send him a hand written card or note of pure encouragement.  Give the minister a phone call of encouragement and blessing… with no other agenda discussed!

Smile when you see the minister (His wife and children are included).  Be the first one to say something instead of waiting to see if he or his wife speak first.

Take the minister and his family out to eat or ask them over to your house sometime.  You’d be surprised how many ministers and their families don’t have as many friends as you’d think.

Don’t ever allow others to speak negatively about the minister… on any level… in your presence (Especially on Sunday).

Do not ever… EVER… bring up a problem of any kind to the minister on Sunday!  That’s what Monday through Thursday is for.  That’s what the phone is for on those same days.  Satan uses well meaning people to bring the minister down emotionally when he is supposed to be getting ready to lead God’s people in worship. Whatever it is… it can wait.

If a person has a problem with the minister, either: 1) Take them to the minister to work it out or, 2) Tell them you’re going to tell the minister about their problem so he can go to them and work it out.

Don’t ever blind side the minister in a meeting of any kind with a problem or situation in the church (This includes committee meetings and business meetings.).  Make sure he knows beforehand what is coming up. Don’t be a part of ambushing the minister!

If/when you hear of a problem in the church, prayerfully consider making the minister aware of it (He may not know!). But do this carefully and prayerfully.

When there is a problem, failure, or shortcoming of the minister… pray for him diligently.  God will handle him and discipline him if necessary.  But if there is any way at all possible, do not be a part of terminating a minister (Unless he is preaching/teaching doctrinal heresy or committed some other gross immorality).

There are many other ways to love your pastor and other staff members.  In the same way we appreciate people who love our spouse and children… God smiles when people show kindness to those He called into the ministry.  Hey… why don’t you give your pastor a call and tell him something good or positive today?


4 comments on “Ways To Love Your Pastor

  1. Anthony Humphries says:

    Excellent…and so true. Being a “PK,” I can relate to everything you say Ron. While most church members are well intentioned (I think), they don’t take the time to see the pastor and his family as “just people,” fellow believers, who are subjected to the same every day problem, issues, etc. they are. Most, if not all, of the time, the pastor and his family are supposed to be perfect. I would encourage your readers to take time to get to know their pastor and family and follow through with the suggestions you make.

  2. pastorron7 says:

    A… since I remember the stories of extreme hardship and difficulty your dad experienced… I appreciate all the more your words of encouragement. I am thankful that you were one of those dear saints who God uses to bless the pastor when times are difficult. God bless you my friend!

  3. prawa enugu says:

    please what if i loved the pastor,to the extend i will lkie him to be husband.but leter find out that he is not interested in me. i mean single pastor. please i need anwser to this.

    • pastorron7 says:

      Then that means God has someone else for you. Proverbs 3:5, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding.”

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