Modern Day Saul? (Hamas Conversion)

hassanyousef  Last night I watched a Fox News Special Report on Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of Hamas founder Sheikh Hassan Yousef (Left), and his decision to abandon the Muslim faith, denounce his father’s organization, move to America and become a Christian.  Click here for a previous post on this young man.

  You can watch the report (Without commercials) below.  It is well worth the time to hear a young man talk about Hamas… Islam… and how he believes God will use him… even if he has to give his life because of his conversion to Christianity.  Quote, “They can kill me… but they can’t kill my ideas.”  Wow!

UPDATE: February 2010… CLICK HERE.

The fourth and fifth one talk about his conversion…


2 comments on “Modern Day Saul? (Hamas Conversion)

  1. Geoff says:

    I watched this report last night. God bless this man, this brother. My tought at the time was a “latter day Paul.” If he can carry the weight of God’s Love to his people, perhaps there is a hope of delaying worst.

  2. Judi Meekins says:

    This is amazing……I’m encouraged that God loves the people who have been so deceived…..and is reaching out to them. There is hope

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