Thoughts On Forgiveness

My friend Ray Pritchard posted 25 Affirmations About Forgiveness.  Consider these during your quiet time today.  Emphasis mine in certain points below…

  • If you wait to forgive until you feel like forgiving, you will never forgive.
  • Without God’s grace, we will never forgive.
  • Forgiveness is necessary but it isn’t easy.
  • Forgiveness is first of all between us and God.
  • God does not intend that all of life should be pleasant.
  • Nothing gets rid of pride like adversity.
  • Nobody understands the art of revenge like the Lord.
  • There is coming a day when every dispute will be resolved. When you understand this, you are freed from feeling like you have to personally solve every issue here on this earth.
  • Good theology is imperative. What you think about God determines how you respond in the hard times. 
  • God is good. If you don’t believe that, it will be next to impossible to forgive others.
  • God is sovereign. There are no mistakes in God’s economy, and no detail, no matter how small, goes unnoticed by Him.
  • God’s grace is always sufficient.
  • There is an old saying: “Time heals all.” That isn’t always true.
  • Forgiving and forgetting are not the same thing.
  • Nothing makes a person more aware of other people’s feelings than a broken heart.
  • When you have been wronged, there is nothing worse than feeling like you have been abandoned. 
  • Forgiveness is a gift I give to someone who doesn’t deserve it. If they deserved forgiveness, they wouldn’t need it.
  • True forgiveness costs a great deal, but unforgiveness costs much more.
  • Bitterness poisons everything. 
  • I don’t see myself the way I really am.
  • I am more like my enemies than I like to admit.
  • If I have trouble loving my enemies, I should remember that I am someone else’s enemy.
  • God uses our enemies to make us more like Jesus.
  • You are never more like Jesus than when you forgive.
  • We never come to the end of needing forgiveness or needing to forgive.
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